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“This place is so important for her because H. gets to be H. She can be free! The parents are always shocked to see the photographs. And Mam is so happy knowing she is happy and really content on her Wednesdays at the Wildside".

- childminder

holiday club

I can't believe how well she did this morning! I honestly think it's the best thing she's done- the perfect kind of session for her! I'm so proud of her, and more importantly, she's proud of herself!

- parent


"... spending time outdoors together, exploring and he loves it! He shows me things and there isn’t any pressure on either of us of what’s expected- whether he decides to join in the songs at the end or keeps playing. Or takes his snack off to some other area, it’s all really relaxed and loads of dads here too. Not that it should matter but I guess it kind of does, or at least to me. It’s just a different atmosphere and great because he’ll mention it when we’re out and about or at the park. We both really look forward to our Forest Days!”

- dad

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